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A tornado in Adelaide I forgot to post about!

Hey everyone, haven't posted in here for a while?

I meant to post about this tornado when it touched down in July last year, but I got lazy haha. Anyhow, here I am now, 6 months late, posting about it :P

And there we go, with the freakin' "mini-tornado" monniker AGAIN! *kicks journalists*

You can kinda see the tornado in this image I reckon... just the whole debris cloud there. I think it was taken through a car window.

Where: Noarlunga Oval, Adelaide, South Australia (map)

When: July 11th, 2009

Duration: Around 30 seconds

Damage: Various:
- Minor injuries to people in the vicinity
- Partially-constructed house torn down, oval's coaches box demolished, garden shed ripped apart
- Steel sheeting, garden furniture and metal stakes blown about
- Fridge from a house on the hill above the football ground was blown on to cars below and a portable toilet came crashing down from a nearby building site
- Up to a dozen cars had to be towed from the ground
- Four homes had minor damage to the roof and another home had significant damage

Fujita Scale Rating: At LEAST an EF-0 to EF-1

Cost: Unknown

Photos of the Damage:

AdelaideNow article
Images from AdelaideNow gallery

I also just found out that a tornado struck the small wheatbelt down of Trayning in Western Australia (235km north-east of Perth) at around 5pm on the 9th of January 2010.

It damaged houses, shops and power poles. At least 10 residences were affected by the storm. Annoyingly, the journalist (AND the residences of the actual town!) referred to it as a "mini-tornado" *sigh*

Source: PerthNow

Hope I get to post in this more often :P Must keep my eyes peeled.
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