Dann Cianca (leporinis) wrote in aussietornadoes,
Dann Cianca

Chaser Exchange

So ...

I would like to go to Australia and storm chase some day in the future. I've been thinking about a way where it might be financially feasible to accomplish such a feat and came up with the idea of a storm chaser exchange. Basically, those involved would maybe allow someone to stay at their house for a couple of weeks and chase together during the prime seasons. Therefore, the initial travel would be the major expense and not the stay and/or transportation while in country.

I'd be willing to let people stay at my place in Colorado(USA) and usually spend quite a lot of May and June out on the plains chasing ... and I have many friends that do as well.

I'm just sort of seeing if anyone is remotely interested in this, I'm certainly not making definite plans.

Any thoughts / comments??
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A chaser exchange would be pretty cool, but sadly, I don't actually chase - just admire them on the television :P

I wonder if you could get in contact with Jimmy Deguara and/or Michael Bath, who are well-known storm chasers in Australia? Their website is here :)

Keep in mind that our prime "tornado season" would probably be the opposite to the United States. So whilst April/May/June is the best time for you guys, it's probably gonna be August/September/October for us, because that's Spring time in the southern hemisphere :)
Degaura and Bath are well-funded chasers and seem to spend May-July in the US anyway. I guess this is more for us more amateur folks who don't have the kind of money to have such trips.

If I were to come over, it would be someplace in October-December. Though, I'm still trying to learn about Australian climatology ...