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Tornadoes in Australia

"Oh look, it's a mini-tornado!"

Australian Tornadoes
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Welcome to aussietornadoes!
This community is basically to get people together from Australia (but also those overseas) who are interested in tornadoes and might not know about the ones we get over here. It's a community for sharing experiences, photos, and general love for the most violent storms on Earth.

Posting Guidelines
+ MOST IMPORTANT! You must post about Australian tornadoes only. The community WAS named as such!
+ You are allowed to post storm-chasing reports, photos, videos, experiences and thoughts/discussions about tornadoes. I'll probably also accept icons/graphics posts, even if they aren't Australian tornadoes.
+ Don't flame other members, yada yada yada.
+ If you refer to a tornado as a "mini-tornado" in this community, you will be shunned and kicked out :P
+ Most of all, have fun!

Tornadoes in Australia?!
Australia DOES receive quite a lot of tornadoes, contrary to popular belief. They are generally underestimated by the public due to poor coverage in the media. Our media calls them "mini-tornadoes" which gives the impression they aren't real tornadoes at all, which is absolute blasphemy! And also, since our country is so sparsely populated, there could have been a tornado with wind speeds of an EF5 in the desert somewhere and nobody would have noticed! Allaby (2004) stated in his book, Tornadoes that Australia could actually rival the United States in terms of tornadic activity, but we'll never know this for certain.

Some famous Aussie tornadoes
Sandon tornado - killed two elderly people who were stuck in their car
Northam tornado - is said to be one of the most beautiful tornadoes ever photographed
Bucca tornado - has been recorded as Australia's strongest tornado, rated an F4

More tornadoes (including pictures + info) can be found here: Famous Aussie Tornadoes

Who made this community?
Jess (hazy_crazy) is the creator of this community. She is a 21-year-old South Australian who enjoys learning about how the Earth works, which of course includes natural disasters. She has been interested in tornadoes for quite a few years now, and is actually unsure when the 'obsession' began. But nevertheless, she loves reading about these magnificent phenomena and watching documentaries on TV. She knows how much destruction they can cause but somehow, their mere presence is enthralling. Jess wishes to see at least ONE tornado in the flesh before she kicks the bucket, and hopefully one a safe distance away!

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Image in header © Wayne McCallum, November 1992. This tornado hit near Booleroo, South Australia.