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Famous Australian Tornadoes

Here is a comprehensive list of tornadoes that have left their prominent mark in Australia.


Northam Tornado
When: 21st December, 1977
Where: Northam, Western Australia
Damage Path: 6-7 km
Damage Caused: Uprooted several gum trees
Rating: Possibly F3
Photograph: © P.J. May and C.J. Crane
More information: Here

Sandon Tornado
When: 13th November, 1976
Where: Sandon, Victoria
Damage Path: 6 km
Damage Caused: AU$300,000 worth of damage and killed two people
Rating: F2/F3
Photograph: © I. Bardin
More information: Here

Bucca Tornado
When: 29th November, 1992
Where: Bucca (west of Bundaberg), Queensland
Damage Path: Unknown
Damage Caused: Levelled three homes, ruined crops and produced cricket-ball sized hail
Rating: F4
Photograph: © Emergency Management Australia
More information: Here

South-coast Waterspout/Tornado
When: 26th December, 2001
Where: Off the south coast of New South Wales
Damage Path: N/A
Damage Caused: Severe damage to the yacht Nicorette, and golf-ball sized hail accompanied the storm
Rating: At least F2
Photograph: © Unknown
More information: Here

Dunoon Tornado
When: 26th October, 2007
Where: North of the town of Lismore, New South Wales
Damage Path: 4 km?
Damage Caused: Destroyed walls of a church, 20 homes lost their roofs, tree uprooted and dragged 30m, 3000 homes without power. Damage bill in the millions.
Rating: Estimated to be EF-1
Photograph: © Annamaria Hall
More information: Here
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