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Finally, some more action on the Australian tornado front! :D

A TORNADO has damaged properties on Eyre Peninsula and more storms are forecast for the state today.

The town of Cummins, about 50km north of Port Lincoln, received a massive 37mm of rain between 3.30pm and 4.30pm yesterday [11th March, 2009], as a tornado passed through the region.

Caller Mark from Cummins told ABC radio that heavy rain began falling shortly after lunchtime.

"I came back down to the other side of town here ... and there was plenty of thunder and lightning around," he said.

"I just happened to look outside and there happened to be a tornado.

"I came down from out of the skies and looked like a big waterspout.

"It was bloody unbelievable.

"It was like a funnel going up into the clouds."

Source: Tornado wreaks havoc across Eyre Peninsula

Watch an amateur video of the tornado HERE.

According to news reports, only gum trees were in the tornado's path, and uprooted or severely damaged. Winds were estimated to be in excess of 100km/h which would probably make it rated an EF0.

Definitely something a little exciting, and a bit scary for the townspeople of Cummins :D Certainly exciting for tornado-lovers like myself ;)
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cool! I dig em, but wouldn't want to be in one. I have some friends in Oz.
I heard a hurricane is threatening Aussies
Yeah, I know, same here lol.
Yeah, Cyclone Hamish just off the coast of Queensland. I think its predicted to gradually weaken as it travels up the QLD coast, and it's been downgraded as a tropical cyclone. But it has caused a lot of flooding up there at its peak during the past week.
Thanks for the update, sorry a bit late in the reply.