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Bureau of Meteorology and Perth tornado!

Hi guys, I know this community is very quiet and hasn't really kicked off, but that's basically because we just don't hear about tornadoes in Australia as much as the U.S. does XD

There are two things I'd like to say in this post:

1) I went to the Adelaide office of the Bureau of Meteorology a few weeks ago for an excursion through my University. It was really interesting :) The man who gave us the tour showed us a PowerPoint presentation and he mentioned tornadoes under severe weather, and typically, I got really excited lol. Most of the information he said about them I'd already heard before - I just sat there nodding my head vigorously XD

But anyway, it came for question time. And I thought, "Jess, here's your chance!" LOL. I put up my hand and asked him, "How many tornado reports do you get in South Australia each year?" And he replied, "About three". And he said that that's no real indication of how many there are, and I said, "Yes, because we're so unpopulated". So there you go. And that's only South Australia. There'd be far more tornado reports in the eastern states because of the bigger population there.

2) A tornado has hit Perth's southern suburbs!

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) says a tornado is responsible for damaging more than 130 homes in Perth's southern suburbs today.

Joe Courtney from the Weather Bureau says the storm has left a trail of destruction.

"The damage has all the hallmarks of being a tornado," he said.

"Just after 7:30 a [cold] front went through the area, and it seems like a very narrow swathe of destructive winds caused the damage we've seen this morning."

The State Emergency Service has received calls for help from residents in suburbs including Rockingham, Safety Bay, Waikiki and Cooloongup.

I am kinda ashamed to say I was excited about this lol. I'm very sorry that people's homes were at stake :( At least nobody was hurt.

So yes, that's the news for today XD
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